Car Hire Insurance


We have a number of websites across the globe which make it easy for our customers to buy our products.
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If you are interested in buying or want to know more about our car hire insurance products, then please visit one of our websites below depending on where you are a resident. If you're looking for a specific country that doesn't appear in the dropdown menu below, please contact us.


GAP Insurance


If your vehicle is written off or stolen, GAP Insurance will make up the shortfall between the market value and what was originally paid. Protecting you from being out of pocket.

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Life Insurance


Life insurance (sometimes called life cover) is all about making sure your dependants have the money they need if you were no longer around.

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You may also be worried about getting a serious illness, such as cancer, so taking out life cover and critical illness cover means you would receive your lump sum on diagnosis of one of 40 conditions.

Simple choose whether you want life cover only, or life cover with critical illness, when you get a life insurance quote.


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